Pet Foods and Treats

 Our formulas have ingredients and analyses that are updated on a continual basis.

We have removed outdated marketing material from our website
effective December 18th, 2017.

Guests may contact our nutritionist Tim Marshall at 604-607-6902
for up to date Feed ingredients and analyses.



Countryside Cat Food
Countryside Dog Food

Countryside Pure Dog Food: Farm Raised Chicken
Countryside Pure Dog Food: Pasture Fed Lamb

Countryside Pure Grain Free: Pacific Coast
Countryside Pure Grain Free: Columbia Plateau

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Original Natural Cat Litter
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Natural Cat Multi Cat Litter
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 Cattitudes Clumping Cat Litter

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Sport Mix Pet Food

Pro Pac Pet Food

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2" Centre Marrow Bone





4" Centre Marrow Bone





7" Centre Marrow Bone





Crown Knuckle Bone





Dino Bone










Pork Femur Bone





Woofers Beef Patties




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