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Our formulas have ingredients and analyses that are updated on a continual basis.
We have removed outdated marketing material from our website

effective December 18th, 2017.

Guests may contact our nutritionist Tim Marshall at 604-607-6902

for up to date Feed ingredients and analyses.




Click here for more information on the various Pegasus Equine Supplements we provide.

Click Here for information on our Cool Crunch Horse Cubes


Wet Nurse Milk Replacer Brochure PDF File

Wet Nurse Feeding Instructions PDF File

Triple Crown Equine Supplement Click here

Low moisture supplement blocks for cattle, sheep, goats and horses.

Crystalyx Guide

Crystalyx Brochure

Crystalyx "Brigade" Click here
Cyrstalyx "SuperMAG" Click here
Crystalyx "Dry Cow Formula" Click here
Crystalyx "Stable-lyx" Click here
Crystalyx "Sweet 14%" Click here
Crystalyx "Sheep-lyx"  Click here

Start to Finish
Premium equine supplements and horse treats.

Custom Fit Rice Bran Click here


Saltec Salt Products
Blocked and loose salt products.


Cobalt Salt Click here
Common Ailments Due to Deficiencies in Trace Minerals Click here
Iodized Salt Click here
Sulphur Salt Click here
Trace Mineral Salt Click here
Trace Mineral Selenium TM25 Salt Click here
Trace Mineral Selenium TN120 Salt Click here



 Ground Flax Seed Click here

 Univar Minerals

Dairy Pride, Sheep Pride

Click here

Alfa Tec
Bagged forage products for your animals.

Calculate Alfa Tec Cube Feeding Rate for Horses.  Click here

Alfa Tec All Natural Hay Cubes and Alfalfa Pellets.  Click here

Pacific Pearl Oyster Shells Click here

Stall Dry Click here 
Rogers Wheat Bran Click here

 Burlap Sacks Click here

Cane Molasses Click here

Equine Power 2000
A heat stabilized, high fat blend of flax, canola and alfalfa for weight gain and coat condition of horses. 

Click here

Otter Co-op Organic Feeds
PDF File

Otter Shavings Click here 


Triple SSS Shavings Click here


Salt Licks Click here






Our products are available in almost every feed store across British Columbia?

Contact Otter Co-op or your local Energy Plus or Nature’s Mix Feed Dealer.