We at Otter Co-op can assist you with fundraising both on site and at a location of your choosing. Our trailer barbecue is available at no charge when you purchase your event supplies at Otter Co-op. For events at another location, we will deliver the barbecue full of propane, and pick it up at no cost. In addition, we will provide you with 10% off your event supplies.  Car washes are not booked from June through September due to Township Watering Restrictions. 

We also offer 100 cup coffee urns at no charge. Our 20 x 20 foot tent rents for $200 per day. This includes set up and take down.

To book a Hot Dog Sale, Car Wash or other event to occur at our Shopping Centre, contact Merilee at 604-607-6923 or Bookings for each calendar year are accepted starting January 2.

All users of the trailer barbecue are required to make a $100 deposit which will be refunded to the user when the barbecue is returned clean and in good repair. 



Hold your next fundraiser at Otter Co-op! Call Merilee at 604-607-6923 to make arrangements.