How does Otter Co-op track my purchases?
Your membership application for shares is numbered and this is your Co-op number - to be quoted every time you make a purchase. It enables the Co-op to keep an accurate record of your patronage through the year for patronage allocation purposes. 

Why does Otter Co-op need my SIN?
On any patronage allocation over $100, Otter Co-op is required by Revenue Canada to deduct a 15% withholding tax.  You will be issued a T4A after each calendar year. If your purchases were for personal use only, you may used this deduction as a tax credit.  Businesses receiving a patronage allocation will be required to record the allocation as a revenue and claim the withholding tax as a tax credit.

How do I become a Member of Otter Co-op?
To become a member of Otter Co-op, please complete an application form and return it to any location with your one-time $10 payment.  Or you may mail your completed application to us along with your payment.  Our mailing address is 3650 248 Street, Aldergrove BC V4W 1X7, Attention Administration.

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No, the $10 fee is paid only once, upon registration.  For this small investment, you are a Member for life!