Human Resources

  1. Hardware Associate (Full Time)  
  2. Senior Hardware Associate (Full Time)
  3. Guest Services Associate (Part Time)
  4. Grocery Associate (Part Time)
  5. Grocery Associate (Full Time)
  6. Feed Store Associate (Part Time)
  7. Meat Department Associate (Part Time) 
  8. Pharmacy Assistant (Full Time)
  9. Deli Associate (Full Time)
  10. Deli Associate (Part Time)
  11. Bakery Associate (Full Time)
  12. Fashion Associate (Part Time)
  13. Feed Warehouse Person (Full Time)
  14. Liquor Store Supervisor (Full Time)
  15. Liquor Store Senior Associate  (Full Time)
  16. Liquor Store Associate (Full Time)
  1. Gas Bar Supervisor - Bluejay (Full Time)
  2. Gas Bar Associate- Gloucester (Part Time)
  3. Gas Bar Associate - Ross Road (Part Time)
  4. Gas Bar Associate - Ross Road (Full Time)
  5. Gas Bar Associate - Hatzic Gas Bar (Part Time)
  6. Gas Bar Associate - Progress Way (Part Time) 
  7. Gas Bar Associate- 248th (Full Time-Temp)
  8. Gas Bar Associate- 248th (Full Time)


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What co-ops offer...
Recognition for doing good work.		Personal growth and development.
A build-from-within culture.		Competitive salaries and benefits.
Extensive learning opportunities.		Stable and supportive working environment.

Career Training Programs:

Accelerated Advance builds your skills for future Management roles click here.
Post Secondary Management Training puts you into a Managerial position click here.
One-to-One Training is the road to becoming a Department Manager click here.
New Program!  Excellence in Agriculture or Business click here .
		For more information, click here.

The Co-operative Retailing System (CRS) is a unique multi-billion dollar enterprise comprised of a network of more than 300 autonomous retail co-operatives across Western Canada. Together these retail co-ops own Federated Co-operatives Limited. With over 15,000 employees in the CRS, a career with Otter Co-op can also offer diversity in retail and wholesale positions at locations throughout Western Canada.

For more information on pursuing a career within the Co-operative Retailing System, visit the Co-op Connection website. Train on the job and be paid for it!


Otter Co-op has both full time and part time employees within our Shopping Centre, Feed Mill and Store, Petroleum Office, Gas Bars, Pitt Meadows and Glen Mountain Pharmacy.