Human Resources


Only those short listed for interview will be contacted.  


  1. Warehouse Person (Full Time) - Aldergrove    
  2. Feed Store Clerk (Full Time) - Aldergrove  
  3. Assistant Grocery Manager (Full Time)- Aldergrove
  4. Grocery Clerk (Full Time) - Aldergrove
  5. Post Office Clerk (Full Time) - Aldergrove
  6. File Maintenance Clerk/Data Entry (Full Time) - Aldergrove
  7. Hardware Clerk (Part Time) - Aldergrove  
  8. Guest Services Clerk (Part Time)- Aldergrove
  1. Gas Bar Attendant- Fraser Heights (Part Time) 
  2. Gas Bar Attendant- 248 Gas Bar ( Part Time )
  3. Gas Bar Attendants- Kelowna (Part Time)
  4. Gas Bar Attendant - Ross Road ( Part Time)
  5. Gas Bar Attendant - Mt Lehman ( Part Time)
  6. Gas Bar Supervisor - Ross Road (Full Time) 
  7. Gas Bar Supervisor- 248th (Full Time)
  8. Gas Bar Attendant - 248 Gas Bar (Full Time)
  9. Gas Bar Attendant - Mt. Lehman Gas Bar (Full Time)
  10. Gas bar Attendant - Chilliwack (Part Time)
  11. Senior Gas Bar Attendant - Chilliwack (Full Time)


Please send all resumes to
What co-ops offer...
Recognition for doing good work.		Personal growth and development.
A build-from-within culture.		Competitive salaries and benefits.
Extensive learning opportunities.		Stable and supportive working environment.

Career Training Programs:

Accelerated Advance builds your skills for future Management roles click here.
Post Secondary Management Training puts you into a Managerial position click here.
One-to-One Training is the road to becoming a Department Manager click here.
New Program!  Excellence in Agriculture or Business click here .
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The Co-operative Retailing System (CRS) is a unique multi-billion dollar enterprise comprised of a network of more than 300 autonomous retail co-operatives across Western Canada. Together these retail co-ops own Federated Co-operatives Limited. With over 15,000 employees in the CRS, a career with Otter Co-op can also offer diversity in retail and wholesale positions at locations throughout Western Canada.

For more information on pursuing a career within the Co-operative Retailing System, visit the Co-op Connection website. Train on the job and be paid for it!


Otter Co-op has both full time and part time employees within our Shopping Centre, Feed Mill and Store, Petroleum Office, Gas Bars, Pitt Meadows and Glen Mountain Pharmacy.